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This is the Portfolio of Multimedia, Web, Mobile &
Photo Booth Software Developer Michael Gartner.
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I develop Multimedia, Web, Mobile & Photo Booth Software.
I collaborate with Designers, Agencies and Fabricators.
Basically ... I make things work.

Multimedia Work

Multimedia Development

I develop highly interactive exhibits for Museums, Sports Arenas, Trade Shows and Photo Booths. I specialize in custom software as well as integrating existing technologies into unique solutions.

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Web Development

I develop custom Content Management Systems(CMS), Ecommerce Solutions and Dynamic Data Driven Websites. I also integrate & customize existing 3rd party software for clients who don't require a custom product.

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Mobile Development

I develop for the iOS and Android platforms. Using both native code and HTML 5, I make apps for clients to publish to the Apple and Android App stores as well as apps to be used for trade shows, public displays or in-house needs.

Mobile Portfolio

Portfolio / Featured Work

Singapore Discovery Center Photo Booth

Developed custom photo booth software for the Singapore Discovery Center.

  • Touchscreen interface
  • Drag & Drop
  • Email Photos

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Augmented Reality "The Brain"

Developed for the “YOU! The Experience” gallery at the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry as a member of Perfect Prototype.

  • User holds 2D card in front of camera
  • 3D brain models and animations appear
  • Users interact with brain via card

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Sliding Monitors

Developed numerous "Sliding Monitor" exhibits for Lynch Exhibits on display at museums, trade shows, lobbies and other public spaces.

  • Users slide monitor
  • Images, Videos and Animations appear
  • Combination of touch screen and sliding creates unique navigation experience

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Pittsburgh Penguins Stadium

Developed software and installed multimedia exhibits for the Penguins new hockey arena as a member of Perfect Prototype.

  • Photo Kiosk
  • Augmented Reality Magic Mirror
  • Kids Zone Games

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Iowa Hall of Pride

Developed dozens of informational kiosks, interactive games and educational exhibits for Synthesis Design at the Iowa Hall of Fame.

  • Treadmill, High Jump & Heart Rate Games
  • Shawn Johnson Kiosk
  • Hall of Fame Sliding Monitor
  • Trivia Stations

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Sprint Photo Kiosk

Developed for the Kansas City Royals Kauffman Stadium as a member of Perfect Prototype, this kiosk sits above center field. Users have their photo turned into a baseball card and emailed to them.

  • Captures live photos
  • Creates printable card with game info
  • Emails photo and generates reports for client

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Augmented Reality Trade Show Exhibit

Developed 4 different Augmented Reality experiences as a member of Perfect Prototype for RJ Reynolds to display at the NACS show.

Used Augmented Reality to combine 3D elements over live video to showcase RJ Reynolds new products in a unique and interactive way.

  • Users hold 2D elements in front of camera
  • 3D elements and animation is superimposed on monitor
  • User can interact with on screen elements.

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KU Basketball Experience

Developed 3 interactive games for the KU BB Experience as a member of Perfect Prototype.

  • High Jump Game
  • Play by Play Voice Over Game
  • Reaction Time Game

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Photo Booth Software

Developed a custom photo booth software platform that is completely customizable per client's needs.

  • Touchscreen interface
  • Drag & Drop
  • iPhone style swiping
  • Print, Email Photos & Upload to Facebook & Flickr
  • Use to create Photomingle & Say Fromage type photo booths

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StreetSafe Website

Developed a custom Content Management System(CMS) and Ecommerce solution for StreetSafe Driving Academy.

  • Front End Content Management
  • Ecommerce driven
  • Student records, scheduling and reporting maintained via custom built admin

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IS&S Corporate Website

Developed a custom Content Management System(CMS) for Innovative Solutions & Support.

  • Custom CMS solution
  • Admin control of all content and product info

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Interdigital Corporate Website

Customized a 3rd party Content Management System(CMS) for CSG Design and Interdigital.

  • Expression Engine customization
  • Entire site customizable via admin interface

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MLNT Ecommerce Website

Customized a 3rd party solution for Ecommerce retailer, "Make Love Not Trash."

  • Zen Cart customization
  • Ecommerce driven

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RelyLocal iPhone App

Developed an iPhone app for the popular local business advertising site, RelyLocal.

  • Yelp-like app for users to find local businesses
  • User can search for, browse and rate buisnesses
  • App integrates with Rails API that powers the full site.
  • HTML 5, compiled with Phonegap.

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Downtown Pets Mobile Site

Developed a cross platform mobile site for New York City's #1 dog walking service, providing over 400,000 walks a year.

  • Mobile site for customers to book walks an other services
  • Ability to browse photos and walk diaries pulled from RSS
  • Iphone, Android, Blackberry
  • JQuery Mobile, HTML 5.

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MomentReel iPhone App

Developed an iPhone app for the new photo/video sharing service, MomentReel.

  • Users can take photos and videos
  • Users create albums and share media with friends
  • App integrates with Amazon AWS and S3.
  • HTML 5, jQuery Mobile compiled with Phonegap.

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